Allegheny Valley

  1. Just wondering if there are any Allegheny Student on for the upcoming class. Can't wait to meet you.
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  3. by   shanlee412
    Hey there! I am a student for the upcoming fall class. Are you coming to Pittsburgh all the way from Arkansas???? Wow!
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  4. by   ctucker
    I tried to PM you but it won't let me.
  5. by   shanlee412
    Hey there....I sent you this long reply. Did you not get it???? It was a PM, too.
  6. by   ctucker
    Yes I got it and send you a long one back. Anyway I am from Arkansas. So yes I have a big move to make this summer, but I am ready.
  7. by   ctucker
    did you get my reply to your PM. Do you know how many is in our class. I am flying in on Tuesday to look at housing and everything.