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Student Nurse Question

I have a review question that i am stuck on and thought I could get some help. The question is:

In order to address the sensory losses that occur with aging, the nurse recommends that patients:

A. Use hearing aids and glasses

B. Wear shaded glasses to reduce glare indoors

C. Switch to brighter lighting in the home

D. Exercise more and increase calicum intake

Can you also give me the rationale for your answer.....thankyou

My first thought was A..but not every elder wears an hearing aid......so I thought C woud be for all

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i think C is probably right. not only does it adressess the sensory deficit, but it also helps with safety and decreasing fall risks etc

C was my first thought because it is safety related and A was my second but your thought pattern of not everyone needs aids and glasses was my reasoning too for not choosing it.

I'd say C because it's true that brighter lighting helps older people see better and this is often something that is recommended.

A sounds mostly correct to me too, but you're right that not everyone has a hearing aid or glasses. It would be a doctor's job to determine the patient's need for those aids. However if you know the patient uses a hearing aid and glasses, they should be encouraged to use them and you should make sure they have those with them in the hospital.

shaded glasses indoors is just wrong.

exercise is almost always good, but isn't very relevant to the senses. and increased calcium isn't always a good thing.

I would go with A because it states "sensory losses" and bright lights is only dealing with one sensory loss.

Both answers (A and C) assume some kind of sensory loss that is not experienced by all people.

Also, the nurse doesn't know how bright the lights are in the patient's home. If they have 60 watt bulbs and switch to 100 watt it could pose a fire hazard.

Maybe I'm over thinking this. LOL


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