UTHSC-Houston FNP- are laptops used in class?

  1. I'm starting the FNP program at UT-Houston in the fall, and I'm trying to figure out if I can get by with my desktop at home and my iPad for note taking in class, or if there's any software being used in class that makes a laptop good to have?

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  3. by   Imadoki
    Hi Dmpearce,

    I was reading the forum and noticed that you are in UT Houston FNP Program. I was wondering you like the program and was wondering if it is hard? Is there a thesis requirement to attain your degree? Thankyou!
  4. by   Yesuba
    Hello, Congrats you are almost done...
    I would really appreciate if you all can help me out here. I'm applying to the fnp program for summer 2014

    How was the interview? What are some of the questions asked?
    Anyone you know that got in the program without experiences? Just BSN

    How is the program so far? likes/dislikes

    Did you work fulltime n go to school fulltime?
    Is there an all online option?

    Thank you