USA ACNP orientation...

  1. Any one made arrangements yet? Are you flying or driving? Where are you staying?

    Trying to look ahead and get things figured out.

    Also, for those in the program, my USA email address so we can keep in contact for school.
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  3. by   mrmike
    If this is your first semester, dont go to orientation until after 1st year, I think. I start in fall also at USA.
  4. by   mmcmarsh
    I'm pretty sure the admission packet stated that orientation was required this year. I'll check again to be sure.
  5. by   mmcmarsh
    I see now... it says you must attend when your AHN specialty classes begin. Guess then it just depends on whether you are full time or part time.
  6. by   reebokHCFR
    Hello, any updates? I am looking into USA but their FNP program has horrible reviews. I have heard ok things about AGNP and would like to hear about ACNP.