UM fall 2018

  1. Hello everyone, is anyone applying for UM FNP for the fall 2018!!!?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   CardiacRN201
    I am!!
  5. by   rubberband
    Did you submit the application yet? I'm going to do it this week!!! Let's keep in contact .... I wish you the best luck ever
  6. by   bjweis1219
    I did!!! Fingers crossed! Waiting for my transcripts to be sent over now.
  7. by   rubberband
    Amen !!! Have you hear if anyone have been called yet?
  8. by   liz001
    Yes. I should be applying by the end of this week
  9. by   rubberband
    I called UM to ask when the interviews will b taking place, the lady said by end of January they will start interviewing the fall semester students!!
  10. by   CardiacRN201
    Yes! The lady told me the exact same thing. I will be submitting my application today. Yikes. Hope we all get in
  11. by   dnurse1
    I am submitting my application in two weeks.
    good luck everyone
  12. by   rubberband
    Hello, have anyone one heard anything yet?
  13. by   CardiacRN201
    No, I haven't :/
  14. by   dnurse1
    I finally summited my application today. crossed fingers. Guys if you hear anything share it here plase. we will
    appreciate it.
    good luck to all.