U. of Colorado vs. Arizona State DNP

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    I am very, very fortunate to have been offered admission to both the University of Colorado and Arizona State University DNP-FNP program. With the western exchange program, both would be in-state tuition, with a comparable price tag. The CU program is 4.5 years, vs. 2.5 years for ASU, but the CU program is only ~600 clinical hours whereas ASU is ~1100. I will need to find my own clinical placement for both (unless I relocate to the area). Both programs are similarly ranked. CU's in-person skills days are appealing to me, as are ASU's clinical hours. I have not been able to find much regarding feedback for the ASU program but have worked with many CU graduates and find them to be very competent. Any feedback on the programs or advice would be GREATLY appreciated! It's a very, very difficult decision.
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    Hi there! Which program did you end up choosing? I am applying to both programs and curious about your thoughts. Thanks!!