Question about crna/np school

  1. Hi all, I am about to start a nursing program. I was formerly a pre med student, and I remember how a fairly strong emphasis was placed on volunteer hours and extracurriculars to boost a med school application significantly . Can the same be said about applications for crna or np school? And to the same extent or not?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   Spadeforce
    probably the least important part of any application
  5. by   Dodongo
    Not really, no. For CRNA and some NP specialties (NNP, PMHNP, ACNP) work experience as a RN is pretty much the most important thing. And for some NP programs, you just send in your application (which is really just writing a check) and, viola, you're an NP.
  6. by   DelightfulNP
    I agree with others above, I don't think much attention is paid to volunteering or extra-curricular activities. For NP and CRNA programs, type and number of years of RN experience are paramount.