Preceptor in the Hampton Roads, VA area

  1. Has anyone had to find a preceptor in the Hampton Roads area? The finding precpetor website has absolutely 0 listed any where in my vicinity. I can't just go to NC since I am not licensed there.
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  3. by   ORTHO2FNP27
    Hello Palliative Care, DNP,
    I am an FNP student at Catholic University. I am struggling to find clinical sites locally in Richmond due to most of the locations having a commitment to vcu students. I am not sure if you still reside in Virginia or not. If so, would you be willing to precept NP students this upcoming fall or know of any FNPs willing to take a students in your area. For the fall 2017 rotation they want us to complete about 120 hours in a primary care setting. Next year i will also need hours in a specialty as well. I have used every website and resource i can think of. If you can help in any way, that would be great

    Thanks so much!