PHMNP programs going to DNP!?

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    FIU's PMHNP program recently came off moratorium for their PMHNP program--however, they apparently are changing from a master's degree program in 2013 to a BSN-DNP program in 2014! Is this the "norm" for other PMHNP programs? I have my heart set on becoming a psych NP (I'm about to graduate from ADN school) but the thought of additional expense and schooling to get a doctorate for this is a little disheartening. Anyone have any input on if this is the norm across the board for things to come?
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  3. by   Agrippa
    My local state university is doing the same - no more MSN prepared NPs anymore. DNP is the only option. Honestly, this is making me consider medschool, but we'll see what the final costs are.
  4. by   mzaur

    here's still plenty of PMHNP MSN programs out there. I am applying to 5 in the fall but found around 9 -- there are more choices if you already have your RN as I'm only looking at direct entry