Opportunities for an NP in surgery?

  1. I am looking at exploring different career opportunities in surgery. I want get my masters and income is important to me.

    My question is are there roles for NP's in surgery?

    NP is more attractive due to the time and debt for student loans over going to school to be a surgeon. I looked at PAs as well but the schooling is a bit longer and I liked that NPs can write prescriptions independently.

    Any and all suggestions from anyone in the medical field would be much appreciated!!!

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    There are ACNPs who are First Assistants in surgery. The cardiovascular team where I work uses both PAs and NPs (ACNP). I know UAB has an NP with a First Assistant specialty degree.
  4. by   alex1214
    As an FNP you would definitely be able to work in surgery. You will likely have to take a first assist course after graduating with your MSN. Although, for some reason it seems that docs prefer to work with PAs in surgery. Good luck!!!