looking for good BSN to FNP online program

  1. Hi everyone! I would love to hear your opinions on online FNP programs. I am graduating from WGU in the spring with my BSN and would like to continue to FNP. I am aware of the transcript/grading concerns with WGU and hope this discussion doesn't turn into that, my ASN transcript GPA averages 3.7 so hoping the 3.0 and WGU won't be too big of a problem, plus I have been an RN for 6 years so have decent experience.

    Colleges I am looking at are Frontier, Georgetown, South

    I don't mind having to travel a few times for clinical intensives, orientation etc. I mostly want a good college that provides the best education and also has a good name people will recognize without going completely in debt (lol, who doesn't?)
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    Check out Olivet Nazarene University. Here is their website: Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner | Olivet Nazarene University