Looking for a preceptor in North Chicago suburbs

  1. Hi,

    I am a FNP student at Samford University. It is a online program and the instructors don't really help to find preceptors. It seems like every NP preceptor I have lined up gets pregnant and then I am left searching for another preceptor and ending up with a MD. I need 120 hours with a NP in the fall for my final semester. I contacted minute clinic and they said they were unable to help me in area. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of a FNP that would be willing to precept?

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  3. by   suziq842
    Hi there... I am planning on starting the RN-MSN FNP program in January (if all goes as planned) I have a couple of questions if you don't mind... 1) do you have to purchase any books? I know the program is all on line but I didn't know if I need to add the cost of books into the equation. Also, what do you think about the program overall... is it overwhelming if you are working?

    Thanks for your info Maybe I will meet you in the Spring!