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  1. Hello everyone, I am strongly considering starting a NP program. However, I am really more of a self-learner. Its hard for me to sit in a classroom and grasp the material. I have to understand whole concepts and theories to learn a given subject. I was wondering, then, if anyone was aware of any FNP course lectures online, or even med school course lectures online. Thank you in advance for any responses to this OP.

    - Fred
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  3. by   smileyfacefee
    I believe southern new Hampshire university and capella university have learn at your own pace...however, i am not sure if these are find your own preceptor type schools but if they are...i would advise against them due to the difficulty i am having finding preceptors. I regret choosing the school i go to for that very reason. And i am in a medical area with tons of hospitals and dr. Offices
  4. by   BostonFNP
    I have only listened to a few, but if you are just curious in learning yourself and online for free:

    All Lectures — Louisville Lectures

    I will say, be very careful, a little information can be dangerous!