In DESPERATE need of Pediatric Preceptor

  1. I attend Walden University and I am in desperate need of finding a Pediatric Preceptor. My preceptor can be either a MD, NP, or PA. I live in the Stockbridge, GA area; but I am willing to travel. My clinicals are suppose to start Nov 28, 2017. I have had to sit out 2 semesters because I have not been able to get a preceptor!!1 If you know anyone that would be willing to take in a student or if you have any resources please let me know ASAP! THANK YOU!!!!!
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  3. by   smileyfacefee
    What a coincidence. I attend the same school, also live in GA, supposed to start clinicals Nov. 28th but have lost 2 preceptors. Was notified yesterday by a site that they could not so my clinicals even though they had already signed the agreement. This is a very frustrating process.