Help! Failed ancc pmhnp.

  1. I failed pmhnp exam with a score of 332. (Passing score is 350)
    I studied with the Barkley review book/CD and the ANCC review book. Also, I did ANCC practice exam and np prep I have two similar questions from ANCC practice exam but other than that, nothing was helpful.
    I don't know how to study to pass it next time. I have a bunch of general fnp style questions and non-clinical questions.
    I am weak for non-clinical questions including Professional role and policy. Anybody can recommend some studying tips for non-clinical questions? Any books or resources helpful? Help me, please.
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  3. by   gb05
    Hi PMHNP 2015,

    Have you taken the exam again? I totally understand. I took the PMHNP exam few days ago and also failed. I got a 340 score (needed 350). I am also not good at the non-clinical questions, trying to pick the BEST answer, lol I studied from the ANCC review book and bought the review questions from the are you able to give me any advice? Have you taken it again? How did you study, any advice please?
  4. by   Nelli17
    If you haven't taken your exam and we can study together. Either way let me know and PM me.