Has anyone taken the HESI FNP exam?

  1. Hi, my school is making us take the HESI FNP exam before we graduate and I am wondering if anyone here had to do the same. I took the HESI exam at the end of my RN program and I remember it being extremely hard...harder than the boards in my opinion. I have gone to the HESI website but I am not really finding anything info for FNPs. If you have taken it, what did you do to prepare and how was the exam? We have to have a 900 on the exam. Im not even sure what the 900 is out of, ya know? Any help would be much appreciated
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  3. by   MERCEDES674
    I took it last month. It is modeled after the ANCC exam. You pretty much have to follow their test outline. I studied Amelie, Leik, and systems review. I did not follow the ANCC outline because I am taking the AANP. My school recommends their outline for HESI. You can inbox me.
  4. by   Tinabeanrn
    Thanks Mercedes. I'm inboxing you now
  5. by   Tinabeanrn
    Hey Mercedes, your mailbox is full so I have to post my comment here . I passed! YAY. That was pretty hard. The questions were so vague and a lot of time I didnt think any of the choices were correct, but I passed it! 925 YAY
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  7. by   neelia06
    Tinabeanrn,I too will be taking the HESI for my FNP program. How was it? Was it really hard? How did you prep for it? Any help is appreciated!
  8. by   Tinabeanrn
    It really wasnt that hard. It is very much like the AANP boards so if you taket those boards, that test really does compare. I studied from Amelie Hollier's study guide and question book. Its all stuff you know on the exam. I breezed through it. Besst wishes
  9. by   verypatient
    hello I will be taking the HESI FNP in 2 weeks. Any tips?
  10. by   verypatient
    Any tips for the HESI FNP will be really appreciated. Can I inbox you?
  11. by   Tinabeanrn
    It wasnt that bad. Very vague questions. I was able to pick the answers out fine. I think it was mostly clinical stuff. Only a few policy questions on there. I think I remember some musculosketal questions like Osgood shaulter (spelling), OP, OA, LBP, some peds well child mild stone type questions. I think the question were similar to the review books . The one written by the lady with the last name Z, lol sorry I can remember the books name but its the review book for family nurse practitioners. Look at Leik too. Its not that hard of an exam. I breezed through. Good luck. Do you graduate in Dec? You will soon be in the wonderful world of clinical decision making like Mercedes and I..
  12. by   verypatient
    I do have the book for Fitzgerald. If that will help.
  13. by   Tinabeanrn
    Fitzgerald really didnt help me with the Hesi. But it did help me with the AANP boards. Review Leik. That book is like a caught all. Let me know how you do on it
  14. by   grapejuice01
    Im taking the FNP HESI in a week and I purchased the Leik book but was very disappointed. Its riddled with incorrect information, incorrect answers in the test questions, grammatical/spelling errors, incorrect drug brand/generic name combos, etc. I had to stop reading it because Im afraid that Ill mistake an error for something that is factual and it will lead me in the wrong direction on a test and in future practice.

    Steer clear of this one!