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  1. I am currently in school for my FNP and will be graduating in May. I am trying to figure out what the process in GA is for licensing. I just moved here from VA so I am trying to understand what will be required after I graduate. I know I will have to apply for and take my boards, but do I also need to fill out paperwork for the GA Board of Nursing? If I do where can I find it and when do I submit it, before or after I take my boards? I have looked all over their site for help with this and got no answer when I have called. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   SMS80
    Everything you need to know is on the GA board of nursing's website, but it is not user friendly. I had to dig to find the right forms and what documentation I needed to send in. You probably have to get your Georgia RN license first, pass boards, then apply for your Georgia APRN license or you may be able to apply for both at the same time after you pass. Everything has to printed off and mailed in. Processing time for me only took a week or two but I was not transferring from another state.