FNP or PMHNP for interest in meds

  1. Hello. I'm about to graduate as an RN, but I'm planning ahead and seeking the relevant RN experience that will translate to my eventual NP program. My interest is heavily focused in medications. I love pharmacology. That being said, I'm looking for opinions on what would be an ideal Nurse Practitioner schooling focus if I want to mainly work with evaluating and prescribing appropriate medications. My initial thought was PMHNP, but I hear they have quite a bit of burnout. Thanks for any replies.

    Oh, I should also mention that I prefer outpatient rather than inpatient.
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  3. by   Oldmahubbard
    I would not suggest PMHNP unless you have a strong interest in psychiatry. Which may develop with time and work experience.

    As far as PMHNP's being more burned out, I have not personally observed it.

    Although some do lament the loss of the therapy hour, and we are down to the therapeutic 15 minutes, because of reimbursements.

    I did some of that "hour with the patient" work and it is just as often counter-productive. My soapbox.

    Get started on your career and get some experience under your belt.

    The answer will emerge.