Final Wednesday - HESI for FNP

  1. My final exam is Wednesday we are taking the HESI and it counts for 45% of our final grade, I am terrified of taking this even more then the thought of taking the real boards, if I fail then I need to wait an entire year before I can take the class again.
    Anyway my question is, those who took practice exams and scored low did you still pass your boards? I am an A student 3.5 GPA and can't seem to get a decent score on any of the practice test, what the heck am I doing wrong?
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  3. by   verypatient
    How was the HESi?? Any tips on how to study for it??
  4. by   FutureNP87
    Hi i am guessing you are a Drexel Student? i have to take the HESI next week wednesday too... eek! any advise on how to do well? im pretty nervous!
  5. by   fmAtoZ&backagain
    Can you tell us about FNP HESI, is not much I have seen, for example, type of questions? Do they have graphics? Do they cover administration, ethics, and research? How difficult is this test? Do they cover all the areas? Any inside?
    Thank you~