EKU pmhnp spring 2018

  1. Submitted my graduate application for spring 2018 entry into EKU PMHNP program. So excited and nervous to hear back. I would love to hear from others who are applying, or feedback / advice from anyone currently enrolled.
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  3. by   Neuropsychrn_
    I just got accepted today for spring!
  4. by   candysharee
    Congratulations! How long did you wait for response?
  5. by   Neuropsychrn_
    After all my items were received, about two weeks! And thank you!
  6. by   RNJewels
    I also applied for Spring semester and found out I was denied admission yesterday No explanation as to why. I'm guessing the fact that I'm a new nurse influenced the decision. I'm disappointed, but will reapply for summer semester.
  7. by   candysharee
    I'm sorry RNJewels. Hopefully you will be accepted for a summer start.
  8. by   candysharee
    I received notification that I was accepted, so we should be in the same classes. I'm So excited!