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student nurse / patient care technician job , any luck?


I have been searching for student nurse/pct job and I'm having a very hard time. I have applied to many positions on any unit. No luck, my application just sits there since the computer does not weed me out because I meet the qualifications. Im even considering working in the nursing home but a gna certification is required for that which I will be looking into. Anyone had luck with finding a student nurse /pct job while in nursing school?

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direw0lf, BSN

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I've heard usually after med-surg a student nurse has a better chance to get hired. I met a girl from my school who works as a pct in a hospital and is a student, I think her 3rd year. You could maybe start at a simpler position and move up? Such as patient transport or patient sitter? I've found a lot of night positions available for student nurses and pct's I use indeed.com

I already had medsurg and its stated on my resume . I have applied to a transporter position and never got a call back. I have applied to patient sitter and they said I need experience for that.