Student looking to interview holisitic nurses re: acupuncture


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Hello all!

For Pediatrics, I have to give a brief presentation on acupuncture and pregnancy. I am playing the role of the Nurse, and I have to educate a fellow student (playing a patient) in front of the class.

My initial thoughts were that the "patient" could be someone who has used acupuncture before, and is now pregnant and seeking information. I'd be a nurse certified in acupuncture therapy.

We gets points for creativity, so I was thinking of setting up the classroom to look like a holisitic clinical setting, with music, charts showing qi pathways, (fake) candles, etc. I would explain that while there is a paucity of definitive data, there is evidence that acupuncture can relieve pregnancy pains, labor pains, and induce labor (still not sure about that one). Then I'd go into risks/benefits, when acupuncture should not be used, what to expect (I'm thinking a mannequin might be useful for this). The "teaching" will end with me giving her an informed consent form to read over and sign.

ALL that being said, I really would love some firsthand input as to whether this is accurate and how I can improve it. And if some kind nurse with free time (ha!) might allow me to message him/her occasionally with questions, I would be most appreciative!

Thank you all!