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Stuck in Med/Surg Rut

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Hi, everyone! I've been job skipping. For the 4 years I've been a nurse, I have worked 2 years in Med/Surg.

I don't like it. I always end up fired, or leave before I'm fired. This has left me questioning if nursing is for me.

I enjoy being a nurse, helping others, caring for others; I'm so bored.

I've tried to put applications into the ICU and ED settings. No answer.

So I've began to apply for FNP school to get off the floor.

Does anyone have any suggestions, feedback, or resources to offer?

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Aurora77 has 4 years experience and specializes in Med Surg.

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If you're leaving because you get fired or are about to be, you need to look at your own nursing practice. While med-surg can be rough, it doesn't sound like the unit is your problem.

Prospective employers are probably looking at your track record and that's why you're having trouble securing another position.

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