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_streSs StreSs strEss Mgt

by djOiz djOiz (New) New


_we all knOw moSt of us would complain that we ar tired due to like this, and ike that..However..have you ever wondered if do you really need to complain about how tired you are if in the first place that you all know, nursing course is really a stressing course?..what i mean is, will it be helpful if you keep on complaining about it?..no, right?..

_well, the best thing to do if ever planning to go on "burnin the midnight oil", jusT prioritized the things/requirements/projects beforehand and just do the less-prioritized.for sure, you'll save much of your time if we'll organize our plans.. :typing

:)well,i tink that's all i can share..ehehehe..thanks for reading my "nonsense" if ever posted opinion..GodbLess..more power to this orG..:dance:


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