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Strategies for participation


I'm a new educator in nursing. I've been assigned to co-teach with an instructor who does not prepare. It is large class of twenty-seven students. Are there any strategies for teaching medical-surgical I nursing for LVN students?

classicdame, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Hospital Education Coordinator.

Get a copy of Fuzzard's book on teaching strategies (sorry, do not have title). Have students focus on ONE thing during the clinical time, even though they are doing 100 things. For instance, tell them ahead of time that in post conference we will discuss important clinical history that was revealed by the patient but not on the chart. Or demonstrate how to teach a patient about a medication (role play). Or challenges in working with other staff, MD, other disciplines. What piece of equipment could be demonstrated? I used to get hospital staff to come speak to the students for a SHORT period during post conference. Topics were: role of a SANE nurse, prep for cath lab procedure, admitting patient with chest pain, etc. The topic has to be very focused for the student to get anything out of it. And don't forget other disciplines. RT's are great resources, as are the dieticians.