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Stop at RN or get Master's?

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Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in another field besides nursing and am debating whether I should attend accelerated bachelors or accelerated masters programs. I have a couple of questions to ask and if anybody can respond and offer advice, I'd really appreciate it!!

1.) Do RN's get to specialize in anything?

2.) For those who are actual RNs and APNs (in any field), I was wondering how many hours you work a week.

3.) (Adding to the above question) Also, for those who have children, how does working as an RN or APN affect your motherly or fatherly duties/responsibilities?

Thank you so much!!

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iPink has 5+ years experience and works as a Mother/Baby Nurse.

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You may want to repost this in the Nursing Forum to get their opinions.

RNs do specialize by obtaining specific certifications.

Start looking into ABSN and AMSN programs in your area and make a pros and cons list.

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