do i still have a chance at pursing a nursing degree

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should I persue the ASN instead?

  1. 1. should I persue the ASN instead?

    • Should I still try and take Chemistry I again and make an A?
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      Should I just apply for the LPN ?
    • Do I still have a shot at being accepted at CSU into the BSN program?

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Hey there just looking for some advice here.

so I have been longing to become a nurse for the longest. I went to Southern Crescent Technical College to take most of the classes that I need for the BSN at Clayton State University. I was 7 away from applying.SO i transferred over and now I only need Chemistry I &II, statistics, and pathophysiology. At Southern Crescent I was ready to apply for the ASN there. I had a overall GPA: 3.3 & math/science GPA: 3.7 before taking chem I & statistics. BUT I know for sure that I will get a C in chemistry and a B in statistics. Which brings my chances down from being accepted in the BSN at CSU. At this point I don't know what to do. Even thou I know that Southern Crescent doesn't need statistics nor chemistry. I don't know if i have a chance at that either or should i just try to do the LPN??? ANY ADVICE

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Sorry I have no advice, but I can say that Chemistry and Statistics really suck. My two most unfavorite classes


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Obtaining the LPN designation is not a consolation prize for unsuccessful RN students



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Is there any harm in applying anyways? Maybe even to both? You won't know for sure unless you give it a shot. Also, in my opinion, sticking it out and retaking stats and chem if needed is probably the best way to go. There's absolutely nothing wrong with going LPN, but there's probably a good chance you'll end up going back for your RN in a few years anyways right?