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Sterile Processing Technician Venturing into the Nursing world, any advice?

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by WishmeLuck20 WishmeLuck20 (New) New Pre-Student

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Hello beautiful people!

I am a pre-nursing student, working as a sterile processing technician and I would love to work as an OR Nurse. I have been reading posts as to what it is like to be a surgical nurse and it further amplifies just how important it is for us SPT’s to do our job correctly in our department. And, it also solidified my love for OR Nursing. I feel like working as an SPT gives me a little bit of an advantage going into OR Nursing as I understand how important sterility is, and knowing my surgical instrumentations and materials. I mostly work in the “float” area where I answer calls from our nurses and it gives me such great satisfaction when they call and I know exactly what they need lol 

Any advice for me? I would greatly appreciate it! 

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