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Stay in ED or go to M/S?


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I’m in need of some help! I worked night shift for a small community hospital in the ED as an LPN, but had to leave because I’m in school for my RN and nights were rough (couldn’t switch to days). So now I have an offer for a freestanding ED (in the same company) one day a week 11a-11p, and also an offer for a full time days M/S floor for the same company’s large level one trauma (I hope to work for this hospital in the ED or ICU with my RN.) So should I take the M/S job for the hospital I wish to work in and hope to transfer floors later on? Or should I take the freestanding ED job and also hope to transfer to the other hospital when I graduate? I graduate in May 2021. Thanks in advance! 


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Go to the place that allows for the most nursing procedures, also volunteer Fire/EMS if you can.