Status of Hawaii's Nursing Employment Prospects

by MauiDash MauiDash (New) New Student

Hi All,

I am considering applying to my local CC's RN nursing program (ASN) in the near future. However, after reading previous posts about job prospects in Hawaii, I am taking a second look at this plan.

It appears that my local hospital (on Maui) doesn't train new grads, and would rather bring in experienced travel nurses due to the limited budget.

Hoping to have a few questions answered by those who are currently in the field.

1) Is the above description of the situation still the case in 2020?

2) Is this the case statewide? Wouldn't mind moving to Oahu or the Big Island.

3) How are HI's new RN program graduates addressing their lack of experience? Is the state doing anything to address this? I am surprised that local programs are pumping out new graduates every year with no solution in place by stakeholders.

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meggiepie24, BSN

Has 12 years experience.

This is definitely a problem on Oahu! I don't think Oahu relies quite as much on travel nurses but for sure don't hire many new grads. I'm not sure the programs are doing anything to address this issue-I would ask the school before enrolling