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Stats Class

JamieLynn RN specializes in ER.

Hi fellow nurses...I'm starting the STATS class at Chamberlain on Jan 5th...I'm doing the bridge RN to MSN program and only have three classes until I can start the MSN portion..I was wondering how the STATS class is. I'm hoping the feedback is positive. I'm terrified of math class and haven't taken one in a million years. I need at least a B in the class so any help would be fantastic! Just looking for some feedback and pointers...Thanks!:yes:

I would not recommend taking it with another course. Having excellent skills in Excel helps or Minitab. I am a straight A student and have needed two tutors. I am frantically looking for a new one because my main tutor is going out of town right after week 7 starts. That week we have a quiz and the final to follow. Good luck!


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