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States with No Felony Waiting period ???

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I was revoked in Arizona 6 yrs ago, I am now booze-free 2-yrs.I wanted to re-instate but they say I must wait 5-yrs after having the charge(DUI,felony) set-aside/exponged. I know all states do not bar felons from applying, I believe there's no waiting period for California, I also have to deal with the dreaded OIG exclusion list amongst other things.I was placed on the OIG list for drinking on the job, I never had any issues with narcotics at all.

I just want to return to work and live a peaceful life, so I may have to re-locate, don't think I can wait 5-yrs to start the process which would include a refresher,etc,etc.

Any help appreciated, I was thinking maybe there was a list!!!! :D

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Not sure on ETOH charges but anything involving drugs or abuse (felony) you must be 15 years past your end of probationary period in Florida now to even be considered for licensure. Law was changed this year.

Terrible laws, this country is very regressive.This punitivity solves nothing and helps know one.They KNOW stiffer penalties have no preventive effect yet they do it anyway for votes, their in the stone age.