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Starting a thread for New Grad RNs with positive attitudes while job searching

by j8324 j8324 (New) New

Hi all.

I am a New Grad RN since July 2012, and have a very positive attitude going into my job searches.

I am currently working on my RN to BSN, but have obtained my Associates Degree in nursing. I have been very proactive in looking for New Grad RN positions throughout the Bay Area, and have had many call backs for interviews (2 specifically from RN Residencies that I am waiting for).

I just wanted to mention to new grads out there, who are looking for RN positions, that I have been receiving calling backs 1-2 months after even applying for the position. Yes, it takes that long. I started an excel spreadsheet to monitor all the places I have applied to: name of the position, date I applied, any information that would help me remember where I've applied, because when they finally contact you after a month and a half, it helps you remember.

Stay positive and I pray for all new grad RNs to land something you love.

Anyone else have the same experiences? Challenging job search?

Feel free to vent...