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Starting in Tele

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Hello there, I am still essentially a new grad with only one month experience as a CNA in a LTC facility. I just got hired as a CNA on a Tele unit at night (7p-730a). While I am very excited, I am still quite anxious! The manager said my patient load would be 12 pt's!! That was a bit of a shock to me due to the fact that we only had 8 in LTC. The reason she said the ratio is 12:1 for a CNA is because not all my pt's would be dependent and not all would need total care. I guess I understand that, but it still seems like wow. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for success for a new grad in telemetry. How can I be of utmost help to the nurses or just in general for a CNA starting out in acute care. Thank you so much!! Anything helps. P.S. I posted this in the CNA/MA forum with some views and no responses so that's why I am posting here. Thanks. I start in two weeks!

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Things that are going to be a little different:

1. Know the patient’s diet and if a fluid restriction exists. Also some will have no caffeine orders, which includes decaf and even chocolate. And overnight, some are going to not be allowed to eat or drink at all in preparation for a procedure  

2. Be sure to get everyone’s weight in the AM. SUPER important.

3. Know who is on bed rest. Some people who are normally independent will be their n bed rest. 

Most stuff is going to be the same. You will get it with a little time. Just ask questions if you aren’t sure. 

Good luck!

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