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Starting RN-BSN 10/20/2014


Anyone starting around this time? I decided to go back to school after 22 years! I'm very nervous. I have 9 general courses to take but I will be taking most of them from community college. Less expensive!

Anyone else starting around this time?

Any advice from the veterans? Should I only take one nursing course at a time?

I would love to get support from this forum. :)

You are wise to do the general courses through a community college. Just make sure they transfer and are the courses you need. I would recommend that you start with one nursing course at a time especially if you are working. Once you get the first nursing course under your belt you will be better able to judge whether taking two at a time is feasible for you. If I were you I wouldn't try to rush through the program just to get through as fast as you can. Take it at a reasonable pace and try to have a life outside of work and school.