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Starting Nursing School Jan2013


Hello All!I will be starting Nursing school this coming January at Beckfield College - Practical Nursing program. All I really want to know is about how hard the NCLEX-PN is in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Are they about all the same test as far as difficulty level goes? Any insight on even one state or additional information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Yay, congrats, and good luck! I'm not in one of those states so I don't know the degree of difficulty of their NCLEX, but our Med-Surg II final exam was harder than our NCLEX. You'll be surprised how much you know when you're taking the NCLEX, even though you'll swear up and down you failed it at the time!

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The NCLEX-PN is a national exam, meaning that all test questions come from the same massive test bank. Therefore, the NCLEX in Kentucky is going to be the same level of difficulty as the ones administered in Ohio and Indiana. After all, the states do not write the NCLEX; rather, it is a national exam.