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I'm staring my LPN program in Jan. and was wondering will I be able to work about 15 hours a week and still have time for class and studying? Or is it too much. I've got my pre reqs. out of the way, but I can't really afford not to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I went to school full time and worked full time for 3 semesters, than added a part time job my last semester in the RN rogram i graduated from, 15 hours should be a breeze


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I did not work at all in LPN school, however, there were some who worked all the wa through school and made it.

I will have to work while in RN school. I know some who started this semester and is still doing well in school.

You can always add or drop days and or hours if you decide later the hours are a bit much.

Congratulations on beginning LPN school. Much continued success to you as wel!


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I've known some who have done it and some who couldn't work and go to school too. Everyone is diffrent.

Rather than asking this question please go to financial aide and discuss in depth your needs. Apply for every scholarship that comes along. Even if you are sure you won't qualify or get it. (you'd be suprised).

Sit down and have a serious talk with your family. This is an investment for them as well as you, one that is sure to pay big dividens for all of you.

Look very carefully at what you really NEED financially. This will be a sacrafice, no matter how you plan to do this.

Perhaps you might find someone who would invest in you for a return on that investment later.

If you must work plan your time very carefully. If you must cut back on classes or take a break from classes do so. Be sure to talk to your advisor about your situation.

Been there and graduated.


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I am school now and I work 3rd shift and go straight to school from work. I am married and have 3 boys ages 8,5,and 3. In January I am really considering working on the weekends. 15 hours should not really be that bad. Depending on the hours, Are you going to be able to study and then be in bed by a decent time or what? Like the other posts said, Talk it over with your family and nobody knows you better than you. If you feel that you are stressed out then cut back some. Take it easy on yourself. I am considering starting the LPN program in January also and just know that you will not be by your self. May God Continue To Bless You and Everyone Here.



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Thanks for posting this! I"m curuios to see what everyone says too!:D

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Oh wow! I only do Home Health and it's only about 3 hours a week and I feel like a dog! How are you all doing it????? I must be incredibly lazy.... yep, that's it (and my grades are beginning to show it!) I'm just incredibly lazy! Any of you out there want to share some of the git up and go ya'll got???:D I'd sure be tickled if you all could spare some of that!:D

On a more serious note though~ If you do decide to work and go to school... just be sure you have time for your studies. There's a lot more than there seems!

I am thinking about going back to work on the weekends though. Wonder if I can handle it?:rolleyes:

Good Luck!


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I am in my first year nursing, LPN, right now, I work mostly weekends, never more than 17 hours and I do fine. I do try to keep my Sunday nights free for anything I may have forgotten. The best way I get through it is to take good notes, ask questions in class, and definitely understand the lecture. You are building on a great background (A&P, Nutrition, Chemistry). If all else fails you can always memorize the things you don't understand. I also use the study guides that come with the that come with the text books.


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Geesh kewl, how did you keep all the balls in the air? It's all I can do to work 1 job and take 9 units at night!! And I don't have to look after a family (except for my four legged children!) I'm nervouse about working during nursing school too. But I have another semester and summer to go before I start full time school. I'm hoping to get a job as a phlebotomist, then I could maybe get tuition reimbursement.



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Thank You everyone! I've gotten my class schedule for the spring semester and have decided to just go to school full time and take as much care of the house and family as possible. I don't think I could handle the job and give my studies the time they'll deserve. After all, I want to be the best nurse I can. THANKS AGAIN

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