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Starting an infusion clinic with PICC insertions

jlhrn jlhrn (New) New

I have ran my own PICC insertion company for the last two years and I am starting to make a profit. I carry my own supplies for my contracts that prefer not to carry them. I use ultrasound guidance and max barriers for all insertions. I am PICC certified along with my nurses. I want to start an infusion clinic. I have a pharmacy to work with, I hav a radiology company that is digital that will speed up the radiologist read time. I have the skills. I need to know the specifics to what I need to have in place to make it work-----what certifications or accredidations do I need to have to be able to bill medicare. The pharmacy is nationally accredited and does there own billing and obtains their own medicare number for the clinic. Iwant ot come in and provide a fee for srevice. How do you make the follow through happen with your patients? Do i need a medical director? What if the pharmacy already has a medical director, can I use theirs? Any help would be great. You can send me a private thread if you like. Thanks!