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Starting as an Independent Private Duty Nurse

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Hi everyone!

I'm interested in working as an independent private duty nurse in Colorado.

I think I have an idea of the general steps as far as getting malpractice insurance, getting bonded, advertising...I was even looking into becoming a certified managed care nurse to give myself some extra credibility.

What I'm not sure about it billing; specifically, will I need to accept private pay only? Or can I bill Medicare/Medicaid? I plan on working with the elderly population mainly, so I'm sure they would prefer having that option. It seems like it's just a matter of registering and getting an identification number? I could be underestimating that process in a horrible way.

I saw some older posts about getting started in this field, but I know times change and just wanted to check in for some updates! Any help/guidance/general tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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