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Starting In Telemetry

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Hello there, I am still essentially a new grad with only one month experience as a CNA in a LTC facility. I just got hired as a CNA on a Tele unit at night (7p-730a). While I am very excited, I am still quite anxious! The manager said my patient load would be 12 pt's!! That was a bit of a shock to me due to the fact that we only had 8 in LTC. The reason she said the ratio is 12:1 for a CNA is because not all my pt's would be dependent and not all would need total care. I guess I understand that, but it still seems like wow. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for success for a new grad in tele, or just in general for a CNA starting out in acute care. Thank you so much!! Anything helps.

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