Starting Capital Area School of Practical Nursing februray 2013

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Will there be any one on this site joining me?

Will there be any one on this site joining me?


I was planning o attending this February, but couldn't get everything together on time so I decided to go in August instead. I have to move down there so needing to work and save more is something i'm doing now. I signed up to take the Teas-V so hopefully that goes well because it's the biggest thing standing in my way now.

I was wondering if you had any last minute tips on how the test was(specifically science)? Did you take it at Caspn and if so how did you do?

Are you moving down there as well or do you already live in the area? I'm asking because I'm not sure of a nice area that's also cheap to live, and wondered if you had any recommendations?

Have you had a chance to talk to any of the students? If so what kind of feedback did they offer? good...bad....etc....

Congrats on getting in the program! Please let me know if you have any info because it's hard to get when one doesn't live the area ,and there aren't many topics on this school online.