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Started Uworld today after failing NCLEX

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So today I started Uworld after failing my NCLEX at 133 questions

today I did a 75 question test timed

i got a 60%

to prepare for my first NCLEX I did NCSBN but was not too fond of the rationales

as this being my first Uworld quiz I was wondering % wise what have others got???

I did go over ever rationale and I wrote them down

i will also be using Saunders to help with the content connected to that rationale and I got lacharity PDA which I all be doing.

Appreciate the feedback

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I read Sauders practically cover to cover (skipped the medication chapters as I found them too overwhelming) and did all the parctice questions in the book. I did some questions in the Lachairty Prioritization/Delegation book and some questions in the Kaplan Premier book, but I mainly did uworld questions. I did every question and redid some of the ones I got wrong. I averaged about 60% on uworld. I passed NCLEX with 75 questions in about 50 minutes. Good luck!! :)

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