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where to start studying after failing? and how?


I received my CPR report in the mail yesterday, and I already filled out the retest application, sent it in along with my application fee, and I have resigned up and paid the $200 testing fee.

Out of the 8 categories on the CPR, I was above passing in 1, and near passing in the other 7. I didn't get any below passing at all.

My first attempt was 1 week ago, and I did 254 questions and obviously failed. Im just not sure what to do as far as studying goes. I started doing questions in the Lippincott book. Im doing atleast 100 questions per day, but aiming for 200. Im thinking also maybe reading the Kaplan Content Guide too. IDK. I did the entire delegation book 1st time around.. probably should redo that too, right?

any suggestions? Thanks!