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Start off pay for new grad in West Palm Bch for both an ASN compared to BSN


Hello, I am a nursing student in Jupiter and was wanting to see the average price for new grads in the west palm beach area. What is the starting pay for an Associate's in nursing compared to a BSN. Also if possible could you tell me which hospitals in the area have those pay rates. And do hospitals tend to pay higher than nursing homes etc..?

If you're in jupiter try jupiter medical rather than west palm. The options in wpb are palms west which pays worst in the county, st marys and good Sam which pay decent, I think 22-26 for new grads? But they are corporate, and I never heard good things. I live in wpb and work a little bit further south. Almost 2 years experience and in the ER making 21.82 --that was with a 40 cent annual raise.