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Start BSN-Accelerated Prog in June...having 2nd thoughts!

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I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Pre-professional Biology (3.9 GPA) which turned out to be useless in this economy since I graduated in 2009 and obviously had no experience.

I'm all signed up and ready to start an accelerated nursing program in June in which I'll earn my BSN. I am starting to get nervous about my career path. I've always LOVED science and healthcare, but I keep hearing about how so many nurses are burnt out and wish they had "gone a different route."

I considered physical therapy since I have the grades and pre-reqs, but I loved that nursing allowed so many options. I KNOW I want to get my Masters and even maybe my Doctorate eventually which I know I can do with nursing as well. I like fast-paced environments and a challenge. I was thinking I'd enjoy critical care...?

I guess I'm just wanting some encouraging words and advice since I'm going back to school to obtain yet another Bachelor degree.


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