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Standard Heathcare accreditation

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I am thinking about joining the lpn to rn program at standard healthcare college in falls church va but I'm curious to know what kind of accreditation they have and if I will have difficulty getting into a BSN. Program ? I called but the person I spoke to wasnt sure if they had national or regional. Which one is better?

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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If the person you spoke to could not answer that question, well, that should answer the question of whether or not you want to attend there. You don't.

It's v. easy to go to the school's website and look for the accreditation info. They have tech/voc national accreditation, no regional academic accreditation and no ACEN accreditation. Without regional academic accreditation and without ACEN accreditation, you could have trouble getting accepted into a BSN program.


Specializes in Geriatric, Neurology. Has 4 years experience.

Just to adjust the question some: Id like to speak to any one that has gone to this school and get a review about the program and if they are now or planning to enroll in a BSN program.