Stagnant at job


Hi everyone,

so I have been a nurse for 6 years. Started out in subacute rehab, then community hospital and now a level one hospital on a cardiac/tavr unit. The level one hospital isn't all that it was cracked out to be. There is so much management and constant policy changes. The RN position isn't as “high acuity” or cardiac stepdown as they made it seem in the interview. I feel like I am not learning and feel stagnant and unhappy. I love cardiac but feel like im not using my potential. I am being used as a preceptor and charge RN but just feel like im being used. I was thinking maybe applying for CCU but there are no positions at the facility im at now. Should I revert to a smaller hospital to a CCU or stay at the mothership hospital and wait for an opening? I feel like if I go to a smaller hospital, all the bigger, complex cases come to the hospital im at now so I feel like id be regressing. Also what if I end up not liking critical care? IDK what else cardiac to do! What do you do when you feel stagnant?