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Staffing Pattern

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I am wondering how our staffing pattern in our dept. compares to others of similar size and duties.

The dept. is named "Outpatients", and is a critical access hospital based ambulatory care unit that does pre-op teaching, pre-op care, and post-op care for all the outpatient surgery and GI lab cases, and also performs blood transfusions, IV therapy, and administers injections to outpatients. We also access port-a-caths/ports for CT/MRI scans.

Our surgical volume is an average of about 60 cases per month, we get about one or two blood transfusions per month, rarely IV fluids, and about 3 walk ins for injections in an average week.

We have an LPN, and a shared RN (myself, and I am also the manager of surgery and outpatients..)with PACU/surgery, and a nursing assistant and it seems to often not be enough.How does your staffing pattern compare?

Thanks in advance for the input:)

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