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Staffing on COVID 19 floor

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My Med Tele floor has been converted to caring only for PUIs and COVID 19 positive patients that are not medically stable enough due to co-morbidity or for other reasons not a candidate to discharge to self isolate at home, but do not require a ventilator.

In order to limit the number of people exposed (and preserve PPE) we are now single person care for the patient. In other words I am the patients Nurse. PCT, Lab tech for blood draws, Janitor (take out trash get a mop if there is a spill), Food and Nutrition (deliver and pick up food trays).

Our staffing level is 4 patients per nurse with no resource nurse with I believe is heavy considering the number of responsibilities we have and that we have to gear up (gown, level 3 surgical mask, face shield and gloves) for each patient interaction. Our manager seems to think that we should be able to take 5.

Conversely I have asked that they consider limiting to 3 patients per nurse or to have 1 1 resource nurse for every 8 patients. without getting deeper in the weeds I would apprecate it if other nurses working on this type of floor would share their staffing levels. I would also be interested in other opinions regarding this staffing level especially considering we are single point of care.

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