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Staffing agencies vs. recruiters?


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I am planning to move in the spring and would like to line up a job beforehand. A lot of the job postings seem to be using a third party to make the hire. I would like to work on a cardiac floor, day shift, full time.

Is it possible to find permanent work through staffing agencies? or companies with "recruiter" in the title? Or should i just go straight to specific hospitals' websites and apply that way?

thanks for any help!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Depends . . . it costs an employer big money to use a recruiter - like 6 months of the first year's salary.

If you are seeking a staff job, go directly to the facility because nobody needs to pay recruiters for these positions. If you are seeking a management job or you are highly experienced/qualified in a specialty, you probably want to list with a recruiter - these are the types of people (and jobs) that employers are willing to pay a recruiter for.